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Fragments of Myself

Here I am left feeling insecure, exhausted and questioning my own worth every single morning , afternoon and night. The thoughts haunt me whenever they find me happy and by myself. I’ve stopped pretending like I’m fine, I’ve accepted it, wounds take time to heal and that’s exactly what I’ll give myself, time. While I’mContinue reading “Fragments of Myself”

How To Spot Deception

Originally posted on Dr. Eric Perry:
Written by Dr. Eric Perry “He who has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore.” ~Sigmund Freud In my profession, it…

do you remember – pt 2

do you remember,calling her a psychopath,on a side note,I remember her telling me its because,I’m “20 and cute”.I made sure thateven araxyo knows. do you remember,making things up on the way,covering up the simple truth,and answering all my questions and hers by lying pathologically.each time,it was a freshly knit story.the pace at which you’re going,I’dContinue reading “do you remember – pt 2”


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